Thursday, May 8, 2008

Asleep at the ....Table

Well I don't think I have blogged about my recent adventure in starting to work again. Now it is a nice set up, I go to my friends house where she has a day care, and I bring Izabella and we play and take care of the kids and I can be with Bella and love her and she gets to play with all these kids and still gets her nap and all that stuff 19 month olds need. With food and gas becoming soooo expensive we saw this as a blessing in disguise because I hesitated to do it. So needless to say life has become even busier than before and Bella is such a trooper to be so good with all this transition, she just couldn't take it anymore and the other night fell asleep right at the table. Oooh she is too cute, she has never done that before, so we captured her sweetness then wisked her of to her crib.


Jenny said...

That's so cute. I know exactly what you're talking about--life is crazy with a baby and school or work. You're doing great though. By the way--I dropped by the other day on a walk but you were out. Your yard out front looks GREAT!