Monday, January 28, 2008

Bath of Laughs

This post is for our Grandma's and Grandpa's that miss out on the peaceful night time ritual that is tubby time. The bathroom floor resembles a slip'n slide when they are done, but they have a good time together, so that is all that matters. Enjoy the video and you might want to turn the volume down a touch.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kind Of Boring...

When I started this blog I thought this would be a great way to let everyone know what is going on in my life. Turns out I am not that interesting. Lately I have been trying to stay warm, avoid the violent flu that is going a round, encourage my 15 month old that walking is a good thing and she will like it, convince Hayden that homework is not stupid (isn't kindergarten a little early to have such strong feelings about homework?), and pick my top 4 places that I would be interested moving to in 16 months when we are done! Whew, and all that does not include the laundry, paying bills, cleaning up a mess in every room in my house, making dinner and trying to keep playdates straight!!!
The most stressful of all the things right now is trying to actually pick where we could potentially call home for the rest of our lives, and that just scares me to death! David's top 4 are Dallas, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas of LA, and San Fran. Any thoughts on these places? My 4 vary a little from his. Some where in Colorado, Northern Nevada, maybe Arizona and maybe Northern California. So I would say we have our work cut out for us. I must say that after living on the east coast for almost 7 years now I am finding it hard to leave the 4 seasons that we enjoy here. I have fallen in love with the falls of New England. I know it sounds silly but it is so beautiful and there is so much to do and see. I want my kids to experience Snow, and enjoy the wonders of a fall day picking pumpkins and apples , I love the beach and smell of the ocean in the summer and lazy spring days. Now, it's not like that all the time but it has it's moments here. So I am finding myself kind of lost as to what to do. What I really want is to have a house built next to my mom and all would be great!
Wishful thinking on my part, I know. I feel this blog has officially become a therapy session for me, so for all you deep thinkers out there, any insight to this situation would be lovely!
Other than that, all is well. I will continue to keep you updated on this nail bitting decision
Until next time..........


Friday, January 11, 2008

Smith House WWF

It has become a nightly ritual for a long time in the Smith House that David and Hayden do a little "Smack down" before bed time to do some male bonding, I am not sure why , but this is what they do and I had my camera handy and thought I should document this nightly activity that mommy stays out of , but occasionally Bella wants to participate in!
But the best part of the whole thing that you can't hear is that David begins the smack down with singing "Eye of the Tiger", from Rocky. Hayden almost knows all the words, and when the chorus comes they really belt it out. I wish he could stay my little boy forever. He is so funny right now .I hope you find the pictures amusing but please ignore my dirty house, I had a party earlier in the day and I had not quite recovered by the time bedtime rolled around. My particular favorite is Bella wanting in on some of the action and taking a "bite" out of the competition! I love family rituals! (sorry one picture is the wrong way.)

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year New You?

I now think I have this blogging thing under control after the help of many friends on what I did
wrong with my blog , things should be working smoothly.
So with the new year I have 2 resolutions: One is to read the BOM with Hayden everyday (normally breakfast is the best time since he is in one spot and might actually listen.)
The second one is to loose the lovely baguette that has remained on my stomach since Bella was born. Yes my resolution is to loose weight or at least be healthier. The holidays shot my eating to you know where, so I am trying to regain self control again.
I like the new year I feel like I can start fresh and do many things better. Today I am organizing and cleaning and putting ALL of Davids "stuff" down stairs on his desk and it better not make it up on my desk or I think we will have some trouble!

So wish me luck in cleaning, organizing, and my self control issue. How are your resolutions coming? I would love to know what they are............until next time.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

But I love technology.......

So last night I decide to sit down and actually do this blogging thing (I still don't know what "blog" means) and I get all the way done, I figured out how to put pictures on and everything and with one click it was all gone!!! I was so mad that I had to shut the computer and walk away from it for the night or I think it would have ended up on my driveway.

So here I sit again hoping that this works and I can get the hang of it, because I really do love seeing all of my friends and families blogs so this will be a good way to keep in touch.
Not much has happened latey, Christmas was a blast and Hayden got everything his little heart desired , and we successfully got through another year of him thinking Santa is real! ( it was a hot topic at school and we had many discussions over it.)
Izabella had a wonderful time that morning, kind of clueless, but having a ball with the wrapping paper and liking what her big brother received more...... go figure! David and I had a relaxing morning in our pajamas, actually the whole day we stayed in our PJs, it was so nice, I had been up and ready to go every morning by 8 and I went non stop until 11 and then I had parties every weekend and through out the weeks, so I am enjoying the slower pace of life post Holiday hustle and bustle.
I guess the one exciting thing that happened this week was we took Hayden to a pediatric allergist at Yale to put to rest if he really is allergic to peanuts. We are happy to say the the test came back negative and upon hearing the news he triumphantly put his arms in the air and proclaimed "Mom, I love peanuts!", of course you do baby, I replied. So he requested a PB&J for snack after school, and I made my first PB&J for him when he got home.
Don't say were not fun! Oh yes and the tooth fairy has come twice in the past month and that has been exciting also, but she forgot to come one night and Hayden was less than impressed with that oversight! But she remembered the next night and redeemed herself.
Well I am pretty sure this is the most lame blog any of you have read I will try to do better in the future. Take care and I am now going to attempt the picture thing again, Take care..