Saturday, July 5, 2008

I didn't do it!

So in my attempt to have a cute blogger page I did not know that you could loose some of your information, well you can.
I lost all my blog addresses, so if you all wouldn't mind just sending me your blogs again, I am so sad, I knew something had to have gone wrong , it was too easy. I would very much appreciate it. I will keep trying to hunt them down in the mean time. Thanks!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Did It!!

After all these months of blogging I have never been able to figure out how to get those cute back grounds and all that fun stuff. Well after a half hour of concentration I did it and I am so excited! Why you ask? Because I am computer illiterate and if I can actually figure something out, it's amazing. So hopefully you will be seeing some cuter blogs in the future, Go team Leah!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stupid Little White Ball.....

So the summer has started out very expensive. (not including food and gas!)
With the US Open being on a couple weekends ago, David and Hayden were glued to the TV watching Tiger Woods go into a tie and half to play another round tomorrow. So exciting! (if you can't tell I am dripping with sarcasim.)
Anyhow with a long day ahead of me at work I wanted to lay down while Bella was sleeping, hayden asked if he could go out side and play in the back , sure , anything for some peace and quiet. The back door was open and after a while he came in.
We went to work and at work he proceeds to tell me that he found one of daddy's real golf ball's and that it broke Lou's window. What?!? So I am not sure what to do right then so I tell him we'll deal with it when we get home. Sure enough we walk in the door and my neighbor Lou walks over holding a golf ball. After apologizing a million times and offering to pay when it gets fixed he was so nice about it and said next time he should hit it in the other neighbors yard.
Hayden felt pretty bad and asked if I was going to send him away for a while! (tears!!)
I told him never and that it was an accident and it all will be fine.
Couple days later Lou talks to david and says "Oh It'll be only about $300 to fix."
And because we have money like that lying around we have been waiting to spend it!!
So the new rule is No hard balls out side only the wiffle balls.
But David and I do get 27 car washes this summer from Hayden. That is how he will work off the money.
summer is starting off with a Bang , literally! What little boys childhood is complete with out a ball breaking a window story? Now Hayden's is complete!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Late , I'm Tired

Life continues to pick me up, spin me around,
slam me down , then stomp on me. Working and trying to keep the house going , dropping off at school, keeping playdates correct, soccer and baseball games, practices and gamboree's straight is exhausting. But I'm doing it.
So I will stop whinning and tell of some good things that are going on. Hayden had his Kindergarten Program on Friday and he was just too sweet. They showed a slid show of the whole year of activities and field trips and I cried through all of that and then, to top it off ,they played that song " Some Where Over the Rainbow" with the Hawaiin guy singing and they showed all there faces and I really lost it. (I do have emotions on my sleeve). Then he sang the songs they rehearsed and gave his teacher a bouquet of flowers to thank her and I wanted to pinch his cheeks! He was angelic. I think emotions ran so high because I liked this year in kindergarten I have loved the age, all that he has learned, he has grown up but is still my little "bubba" that wants me to snuggle with him when he goes to bed, and give kisses before I go anywhere. I am holding on to my baby and he is slowly not my baby anymore. Ohh motherhood is full of ups and downs and I was not anticipating feeling like this. (it doesn't help that I am always tired)!
Other than that life is just life. Oh David did say he wanted me to want blog about him because he asked if my other fellow bloggers blogged about their husbands. So He said and I quote, "Say that I am awesome, and that I am the Best and so Handsome." Alright I can officially say that I blogged about him.
3 more days of school , a long summer ahead of me, lots of fun in our backyard (that finally is grass and looking good.) Late summer nights, tan little faces to kiss. You know life is good , I am tired and complain but life is good. It's 11:14 and I have dishes to clean. Until the next time I blog , in 3 weeks.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Asleep at the ....Table

Well I don't think I have blogged about my recent adventure in starting to work again. Now it is a nice set up, I go to my friends house where she has a day care, and I bring Izabella and we play and take care of the kids and I can be with Bella and love her and she gets to play with all these kids and still gets her nap and all that stuff 19 month olds need. With food and gas becoming soooo expensive we saw this as a blessing in disguise because I hesitated to do it. So needless to say life has become even busier than before and Bella is such a trooper to be so good with all this transition, she just couldn't take it anymore and the other night fell asleep right at the table. Oooh she is too cute, she has never done that before, so we captured her sweetness then wisked her of to her crib.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Athlete in the making...

Hayden has been involved in Soccer and Baseball this spring and is doing well in both. He does pretty well at both sports but Soccer he tends to get worked up and wild, and baseball has some more down time to he is in the out field picking up dirt saying " Diagone Alley" (if you don' t know where diagone alley is, watch Harry Potter 2). But for the most part he stays focused and if he and the other boys slack off, his coach makes him run which the other moms and I love because it wears them right out!!! We are hoping this season will teach some discipline and team sportsmanship , Hurray for Hamden Sports Association..!

Friday, April 25, 2008

She walks!!

Izabella is no bigger than a peanut and she preferred to crawl around instead of walking until she was about 16 1/2 months. That all changed when I bought this 5 dollar stroller that she spent a good week just walking around with and then decided that this walking thing is not so bad. So finally at 17 months she walks everywhere and actually gets mad now when she can't get down and walk , I have created a monster, but a cute one. Run Bella Run!

p.s. she is almost 19 months, so this was a little while ago.

The Sweetest Place on Earth....

For our family trip a couple weeks ago we decided to go to Hershey, PA, where chocolates of every kind are made (and samples are freely given!). It was a fun trip for us and so nice to be together. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (yes this means my camera is fixed and working Yipee!) The pictures go from bottom to top instead of the right way, top to bottom, once again I am blogging challenged. Anyways, we went to the Hershey factory, the museum, and the Zoo(which actually smelled like chocolate instead of animal Poop), it was so fun and beautiful weather. Next trip to the Crayola factory!


Hayden is such a cute kid and he has done and said some cute things in the past little while and I wanted to write them down.....

* "Mom you weigh Zero pounds", then whispering to me with a cute smile , "but daddy is the fattest of us all"
* "Mom, I figured out what the sun is",
You did babe, what is it? " It's Heavenly Father watching over us because it is so warm!"
Oh is he sweet...
* The other day he decides to wear one shin guard to school under his pants and I did not know until we were at school and he claims it protects him at recess...... Dodge ball must have changes since I was in school.......
* In the bath the other night he leans in and hugs bella saying " i love you prescious" (ooh I could just kiss his face off!)
*earlier in the year he decided to wear just 1 (one) black glove to school, just one, like micheal
jackson, his teacher loved it and said he was just fine, (ok I said, your the professional.)
* In a prayer over dinner he blessed his kindergarten class the they would be alright... so sweet
* He has started baseball and he got a new bat for is birthday and when he goes to use it he picks it up with it's own theme song, Dududududu Duuuu Duuuu Duuuu, (it's hysterical)!
*It's not all roses with him we get the occasional " That's not fair", or "Mom would you stop asking me to do that?"
* When ever we play a game and dad or mom win immediately we are accused of cheating and he claims he is never playing with us again!!
*We need to teach him about not describing people by there weight,
I asked him what lunch lady he was talking about (the one that told him to sit down) and he said "Oh, the fat lunch lady",
milk almost came out of david's nose. Too funny.....
I just love him and he is so funny and a good kid. I love you cheeky monkey!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweet Girl...

My sweet baby girl has gotten slammed with the same awful head and sinus cold that I had a couple weeks ago. It was so bad, my eyes were goopy, runny nose, barking seal cough, headache, the she now has it and bless her heart she is still happy and plays with me although we really just sat on the couch and read books today (and when I say books , I mean the same 3 books over and over again, I can now read them blind folded!)
Needless to say I have wiped her nose close to 50 times, but when I was getting ready she came to the bathroom with a tissue in hand pretending to wipe her nose and all of the sudden she blew her nose and wiped it too! She is so advanced......... It was too funny and then she just smiled because I was laughing. I just love my little peanut......
I hate it when my kids are sick but they can be genuinely so sweet.
For some strange reason I have really enjoyed being home this week, well I always do but I got my house all clean when they were sleeping then I got to play and hold and cuddle with them watch movies, feed them there favorite dinners, have a clean kitchen when I go to bed, I accomplished a lot and it feels good. I would not trade this job for anything in the world...
Sleep tight baby girl, mommy loves you......

Friday, April 4, 2008

Music to my Ears!!!!

I just saw the unveiling of the reunion of the New Kids On the Block!! Be still my heart, they were the first concert I ever went to and I actually wore the big pin on my pant leg and made my own shirt to wear to the concert. I think I just revealed what a geak I was growing up but I loved NKOTB, don't tell david but I was going to marry Jon and my best friend was going to marry Jordan and we would live next store to one another! They are going on tour and I would love to go!! I guess the geak in me never really left! Oh oh oh oh oh the Right Stuff.......

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Idol Chatter.....

I am a big American Idol fan so I thought I would post my thoughts, scary I know!
I can't believe that Brooke White was in the bottom 3 last night, she is so great and it was Ramielle's time to go and next week it will be kristy or jason and then after that it gets sticky. I think the rest are great, but my favorite is David Cook, he has a bad boy persona about him but then you can see he is a sweet guy, and I love all the arrangements he has done with his songs. Very talented, I hope my kids can get some musical talents instilled in them. Music can be so therapeutic and good for you, I always wished I could play the piano or violin, don't ask me why, it's all I can remember from when I was growing up. So until next Tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern time, I anxiously await there performances.

Monday, March 31, 2008

How it's going to go...

So this is how my blogs are going to go I guess. I will post for 3 days and then forget for a week or two then come back and do it again. Actually my camera was dropped by my sweet son, and it's now being sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed and I am physically sick about it because I missed Hayden's birthday party and easter when my kids were looking oh so cute, and I like to post pictures with my blogs. ......
Needless to say I am sad about it but it will all be fixed. David will bring his camera home from the hospital and we will take pictures tonight of our family party with Hayden, because today my baby boy is 6 years old! I can't believe it, I don't feel mature enough to have a 6 year old in kindergarten, you know?
6 years ago right now I was in heaven with an epidural placed perfectly in my back so I did not feel a thing! I was sleeping and enjoying the peace and quiet before motherhood came and there was no return! I love my bubba (that is what bella calls him). So I hope to have pictures posted in the next few days and then of course you won't here from me for a week or two.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Crafts....

My blogs just get happier with time don't they? We have been battling a serious case of "diarama"this weekend (that's what Hayden calls diarreah.)
It as been lovely, cleaning up when he does not make it to the bathroom in time, wipeing both children's bottoms instead of just Izabella's. Motherhood is grand this week. Oh and to top it all off, a bloody nose in my bed on my nice white sheets. I have seen more bodily fluids then I care to at the moment. So needless to say I did not make it to stake conference today and I am so sad, we had Elder L. Tom Perry here presiding and speaking and I missed it last night too because all our babysitters were taken from us (not really we were just a tad late in asking them.) I would have gone by myself but David left this morning for Virginia to attend a Head and Neck Anatomy course, basically to play with cadaver heads and disect them and learn all the anatomy of the human head with out the patient bitting him, grabbing his arm, punching him, swearing at him, really it's the ideal patient, so he will be there for a week. Now this gets me to the real point of the blog...............
Grandma "Bicki", sent the kids easter crafts to do this month and we pulled them out because I felt that it was a good sabbath activity (and we were bored out of our minds). Here is a picture of the finished products and Hayden looking much better with a little color in his cheeks that I have not seen in days...he is a pretty cute kid...have a great week....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What happened to us?......

The other night we are sitting at the dinner table, David and I are in our sweats the kids look ragged from a long day and it's 7 o'clock.We both said how we would love to go to bed right now, I looked at him and said "what happened to us?", to which he replied two reasons, then pointed to our children, 1 and 2. Enough said. Someday we will get our cool back , but until then it's sweats and early to bed. Oh to be young (I mean younger) again!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Life Actually

So I have not been that great at blogging lately , so sorry. Life has gotten the better of me, literally. So we have been battling the flu, last thursday I got hit at 8 0'clock with the pukes and it went on all night long! Hayden came up at 2 and had thrown up all over my couch, so I clean that up while throwing up in the process, now some of you might think well why doesn't david help clean it up? Well just as I was giving back my dinner earlier on in the evening, he gets paged and has to go in and sew up a little old lady that had fallen and help another patient so he spent the night at the hospital so I was left to play musical toilet with hayden the rest of the night. The next day I couldn't even keep pedialyte down, I was on the couch all day except to throw up and play with Izabella and get her food and change her diaper. My poor kids just did not have a mom that day. I am getting a flu shot next year, it was awful, I have not been that sick since I had morning sickness. So now feeling more human, I am fighting a head cold, can't a girl catch a break?
So now that you know all the lovely details of being sick hayden continues to keep me on my toes. Our latest adventure was hayden told me the other day that he had to miss 5 minutes of recess for falling and spilling some food. So not understanding that logic I had him show me what happened when we got home, he went to stand up and fell spilling some lunch and the lunch lady told him he had to miss some recess. Well not being happy with that I went to his teacher the next day and asked her if she was aware of what happened, she said no but I should go to the principal and let her know what the lunch monitor did. So I treked over to the office and spoke with the principal , told her what happened she thanked me and said she would take care of it. Then when I went to pick him up from school his teacher pulled me aside and said we found out what happened. He was having a FOOD FIGHT with his friends!! What, are you kidding me?, his teacher told me the story and said that all the boys involved have been talked to and the principal knows also and it is all sorted out. So feeling so embarrassed and upset, we went home and I asked Hayden what REALLY happened and he fessed up. Needless to say when dad found out, hayden has not watched any TV the last 3 days and has been pretty good. So I now am just going to ask David what shenanigans he pulled in school and just expect that in the future I will be dealing with that. I love my boys.
There is never a dull moment around here. I will try to keep you all more updated with the excitement around here. until next time....

Sunday, February 3, 2008


When I replaced all the vent covers in my house some of the paint came off and I have yet to touch up the paint. So my son took the opportunity one morning to leave his mark on my wall. Not my most proud moment as mother, I thought I taught him if you are going to practice graffiti don't sign your name on the wall!!!
If I did not take a picture I was going to scream, so I laughed and took a picture for future posterity. You gotta love motherhood, there is never a dull moment. Hope you all have a great week, until next time.......


Monday, January 28, 2008

Bath of Laughs

This post is for our Grandma's and Grandpa's that miss out on the peaceful night time ritual that is tubby time. The bathroom floor resembles a slip'n slide when they are done, but they have a good time together, so that is all that matters. Enjoy the video and you might want to turn the volume down a touch.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kind Of Boring...

When I started this blog I thought this would be a great way to let everyone know what is going on in my life. Turns out I am not that interesting. Lately I have been trying to stay warm, avoid the violent flu that is going a round, encourage my 15 month old that walking is a good thing and she will like it, convince Hayden that homework is not stupid (isn't kindergarten a little early to have such strong feelings about homework?), and pick my top 4 places that I would be interested moving to in 16 months when we are done! Whew, and all that does not include the laundry, paying bills, cleaning up a mess in every room in my house, making dinner and trying to keep playdates straight!!!
The most stressful of all the things right now is trying to actually pick where we could potentially call home for the rest of our lives, and that just scares me to death! David's top 4 are Dallas, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas of LA, and San Fran. Any thoughts on these places? My 4 vary a little from his. Some where in Colorado, Northern Nevada, maybe Arizona and maybe Northern California. So I would say we have our work cut out for us. I must say that after living on the east coast for almost 7 years now I am finding it hard to leave the 4 seasons that we enjoy here. I have fallen in love with the falls of New England. I know it sounds silly but it is so beautiful and there is so much to do and see. I want my kids to experience Snow, and enjoy the wonders of a fall day picking pumpkins and apples , I love the beach and smell of the ocean in the summer and lazy spring days. Now, it's not like that all the time but it has it's moments here. So I am finding myself kind of lost as to what to do. What I really want is to have a house built next to my mom and all would be great!
Wishful thinking on my part, I know. I feel this blog has officially become a therapy session for me, so for all you deep thinkers out there, any insight to this situation would be lovely!
Other than that, all is well. I will continue to keep you updated on this nail bitting decision
Until next time..........


Friday, January 11, 2008

Smith House WWF

It has become a nightly ritual for a long time in the Smith House that David and Hayden do a little "Smack down" before bed time to do some male bonding, I am not sure why , but this is what they do and I had my camera handy and thought I should document this nightly activity that mommy stays out of , but occasionally Bella wants to participate in!
But the best part of the whole thing that you can't hear is that David begins the smack down with singing "Eye of the Tiger", from Rocky. Hayden almost knows all the words, and when the chorus comes they really belt it out. I wish he could stay my little boy forever. He is so funny right now .I hope you find the pictures amusing but please ignore my dirty house, I had a party earlier in the day and I had not quite recovered by the time bedtime rolled around. My particular favorite is Bella wanting in on some of the action and taking a "bite" out of the competition! I love family rituals! (sorry one picture is the wrong way.)

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year New You?

I now think I have this blogging thing under control after the help of many friends on what I did
wrong with my blog , things should be working smoothly.
So with the new year I have 2 resolutions: One is to read the BOM with Hayden everyday (normally breakfast is the best time since he is in one spot and might actually listen.)
The second one is to loose the lovely baguette that has remained on my stomach since Bella was born. Yes my resolution is to loose weight or at least be healthier. The holidays shot my eating to you know where, so I am trying to regain self control again.
I like the new year I feel like I can start fresh and do many things better. Today I am organizing and cleaning and putting ALL of Davids "stuff" down stairs on his desk and it better not make it up on my desk or I think we will have some trouble!

So wish me luck in cleaning, organizing, and my self control issue. How are your resolutions coming? I would love to know what they are............until next time.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

But I love technology.......

So last night I decide to sit down and actually do this blogging thing (I still don't know what "blog" means) and I get all the way done, I figured out how to put pictures on and everything and with one click it was all gone!!! I was so mad that I had to shut the computer and walk away from it for the night or I think it would have ended up on my driveway.

So here I sit again hoping that this works and I can get the hang of it, because I really do love seeing all of my friends and families blogs so this will be a good way to keep in touch.
Not much has happened latey, Christmas was a blast and Hayden got everything his little heart desired , and we successfully got through another year of him thinking Santa is real! ( it was a hot topic at school and we had many discussions over it.)
Izabella had a wonderful time that morning, kind of clueless, but having a ball with the wrapping paper and liking what her big brother received more...... go figure! David and I had a relaxing morning in our pajamas, actually the whole day we stayed in our PJs, it was so nice, I had been up and ready to go every morning by 8 and I went non stop until 11 and then I had parties every weekend and through out the weeks, so I am enjoying the slower pace of life post Holiday hustle and bustle.
I guess the one exciting thing that happened this week was we took Hayden to a pediatric allergist at Yale to put to rest if he really is allergic to peanuts. We are happy to say the the test came back negative and upon hearing the news he triumphantly put his arms in the air and proclaimed "Mom, I love peanuts!", of course you do baby, I replied. So he requested a PB&J for snack after school, and I made my first PB&J for him when he got home.
Don't say were not fun! Oh yes and the tooth fairy has come twice in the past month and that has been exciting also, but she forgot to come one night and Hayden was less than impressed with that oversight! But she remembered the next night and redeemed herself.
Well I am pretty sure this is the most lame blog any of you have read I will try to do better in the future. Take care and I am now going to attempt the picture thing again, Take care..