Friday, April 25, 2008

She walks!!

Izabella is no bigger than a peanut and she preferred to crawl around instead of walking until she was about 16 1/2 months. That all changed when I bought this 5 dollar stroller that she spent a good week just walking around with and then decided that this walking thing is not so bad. So finally at 17 months she walks everywhere and actually gets mad now when she can't get down and walk , I have created a monster, but a cute one. Run Bella Run!

p.s. she is almost 19 months, so this was a little while ago.

The Sweetest Place on Earth....

For our family trip a couple weeks ago we decided to go to Hershey, PA, where chocolates of every kind are made (and samples are freely given!). It was a fun trip for us and so nice to be together. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (yes this means my camera is fixed and working Yipee!) The pictures go from bottom to top instead of the right way, top to bottom, once again I am blogging challenged. Anyways, we went to the Hershey factory, the museum, and the Zoo(which actually smelled like chocolate instead of animal Poop), it was so fun and beautiful weather. Next trip to the Crayola factory!


Hayden is such a cute kid and he has done and said some cute things in the past little while and I wanted to write them down.....

* "Mom you weigh Zero pounds", then whispering to me with a cute smile , "but daddy is the fattest of us all"
* "Mom, I figured out what the sun is",
You did babe, what is it? " It's Heavenly Father watching over us because it is so warm!"
Oh is he sweet...
* The other day he decides to wear one shin guard to school under his pants and I did not know until we were at school and he claims it protects him at recess...... Dodge ball must have changes since I was in school.......
* In the bath the other night he leans in and hugs bella saying " i love you prescious" (ooh I could just kiss his face off!)
*earlier in the year he decided to wear just 1 (one) black glove to school, just one, like micheal
jackson, his teacher loved it and said he was just fine, (ok I said, your the professional.)
* In a prayer over dinner he blessed his kindergarten class the they would be alright... so sweet
* He has started baseball and he got a new bat for is birthday and when he goes to use it he picks it up with it's own theme song, Dududududu Duuuu Duuuu Duuuu, (it's hysterical)!
*It's not all roses with him we get the occasional " That's not fair", or "Mom would you stop asking me to do that?"
* When ever we play a game and dad or mom win immediately we are accused of cheating and he claims he is never playing with us again!!
*We need to teach him about not describing people by there weight,
I asked him what lunch lady he was talking about (the one that told him to sit down) and he said "Oh, the fat lunch lady",
milk almost came out of david's nose. Too funny.....
I just love him and he is so funny and a good kid. I love you cheeky monkey!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweet Girl...

My sweet baby girl has gotten slammed with the same awful head and sinus cold that I had a couple weeks ago. It was so bad, my eyes were goopy, runny nose, barking seal cough, headache, the she now has it and bless her heart she is still happy and plays with me although we really just sat on the couch and read books today (and when I say books , I mean the same 3 books over and over again, I can now read them blind folded!)
Needless to say I have wiped her nose close to 50 times, but when I was getting ready she came to the bathroom with a tissue in hand pretending to wipe her nose and all of the sudden she blew her nose and wiped it too! She is so advanced......... It was too funny and then she just smiled because I was laughing. I just love my little peanut......
I hate it when my kids are sick but they can be genuinely so sweet.
For some strange reason I have really enjoyed being home this week, well I always do but I got my house all clean when they were sleeping then I got to play and hold and cuddle with them watch movies, feed them there favorite dinners, have a clean kitchen when I go to bed, I accomplished a lot and it feels good. I would not trade this job for anything in the world...
Sleep tight baby girl, mommy loves you......

Friday, April 4, 2008

Music to my Ears!!!!

I just saw the unveiling of the reunion of the New Kids On the Block!! Be still my heart, they were the first concert I ever went to and I actually wore the big pin on my pant leg and made my own shirt to wear to the concert. I think I just revealed what a geak I was growing up but I loved NKOTB, don't tell david but I was going to marry Jon and my best friend was going to marry Jordan and we would live next store to one another! They are going on tour and I would love to go!! I guess the geak in me never really left! Oh oh oh oh oh the Right Stuff.......

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Idol Chatter.....

I am a big American Idol fan so I thought I would post my thoughts, scary I know!
I can't believe that Brooke White was in the bottom 3 last night, she is so great and it was Ramielle's time to go and next week it will be kristy or jason and then after that it gets sticky. I think the rest are great, but my favorite is David Cook, he has a bad boy persona about him but then you can see he is a sweet guy, and I love all the arrangements he has done with his songs. Very talented, I hope my kids can get some musical talents instilled in them. Music can be so therapeutic and good for you, I always wished I could play the piano or violin, don't ask me why, it's all I can remember from when I was growing up. So until next Tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern time, I anxiously await there performances.