Friday, June 27, 2008

Stupid Little White Ball.....

So the summer has started out very expensive. (not including food and gas!)
With the US Open being on a couple weekends ago, David and Hayden were glued to the TV watching Tiger Woods go into a tie and half to play another round tomorrow. So exciting! (if you can't tell I am dripping with sarcasim.)
Anyhow with a long day ahead of me at work I wanted to lay down while Bella was sleeping, hayden asked if he could go out side and play in the back , sure , anything for some peace and quiet. The back door was open and after a while he came in.
We went to work and at work he proceeds to tell me that he found one of daddy's real golf ball's and that it broke Lou's window. What?!? So I am not sure what to do right then so I tell him we'll deal with it when we get home. Sure enough we walk in the door and my neighbor Lou walks over holding a golf ball. After apologizing a million times and offering to pay when it gets fixed he was so nice about it and said next time he should hit it in the other neighbors yard.
Hayden felt pretty bad and asked if I was going to send him away for a while! (tears!!)
I told him never and that it was an accident and it all will be fine.
Couple days later Lou talks to david and says "Oh It'll be only about $300 to fix."
And because we have money like that lying around we have been waiting to spend it!!
So the new rule is No hard balls out side only the wiffle balls.
But David and I do get 27 car washes this summer from Hayden. That is how he will work off the money.
summer is starting off with a Bang , literally! What little boys childhood is complete with out a ball breaking a window story? Now Hayden's is complete!


Julie said...

I'm pretty impressed he has that good of a swing! :)

My mom once shot an arrow through her neighbor's window when she was a kid. All I can think is how impressive that really is!

Hope you enjoy your car washes.....

Nate said...

This, too, shall pass!!

The Hart Family said...

Hey just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Are you coming to Utah at all this summer?

Melinda Pink said...

Wow. that is funny. Well not really but kinda. He is getting so big. Maybe you should get him some lessons.