Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Late , I'm Tired

Life continues to pick me up, spin me around,
slam me down , then stomp on me. Working and trying to keep the house going , dropping off at school, keeping playdates correct, soccer and baseball games, practices and gamboree's straight is exhausting. But I'm doing it.
So I will stop whinning and tell of some good things that are going on. Hayden had his Kindergarten Program on Friday and he was just too sweet. They showed a slid show of the whole year of activities and field trips and I cried through all of that and then, to top it off ,they played that song " Some Where Over the Rainbow" with the Hawaiin guy singing and they showed all there faces and I really lost it. (I do have emotions on my sleeve). Then he sang the songs they rehearsed and gave his teacher a bouquet of flowers to thank her and I wanted to pinch his cheeks! He was angelic. I think emotions ran so high because I liked this year in kindergarten I have loved the age, all that he has learned, he has grown up but is still my little "bubba" that wants me to snuggle with him when he goes to bed, and give kisses before I go anywhere. I am holding on to my baby and he is slowly not my baby anymore. Ohh motherhood is full of ups and downs and I was not anticipating feeling like this. (it doesn't help that I am always tired)!
Other than that life is just life. Oh David did say he wanted me to want blog about him because he asked if my other fellow bloggers blogged about their husbands. So He said and I quote, "Say that I am awesome, and that I am the Best and so Handsome." Alright I can officially say that I blogged about him.
3 more days of school , a long summer ahead of me, lots of fun in our backyard (that finally is grass and looking good.) Late summer nights, tan little faces to kiss. You know life is good , I am tired and complain but life is good. It's 11:14 and I have dishes to clean. Until the next time I blog , in 3 weeks.


The Hart Family said...

Sounds like you are SO busy. But you are keeping up well with all of it! Hey speaking of summer, are you coming to Utah at all this year? If so I really think that we should all get together since it has been way too long.

Jenny said...

makes me smile. You are doing great. See you in two Sundays.

bcharrington said...

Have a great summer Leah!! Kids grow up so fast